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Cocoa Beach, FL



This signature bowl is by far our most frequently selected signature bowl! 

The NASA Bowl features our two favorite marinated proteins, along with some of the more exotic toppings we offer. 

This bowl will come with your choice of base and the following preset proteins, sauces & toppings.

Proteins: Tuna Luau & Slammin' Slamon
Sauces: Fin Sauce, Spicy Aioli & Eel Sauce
Toppings: Edamame, Red Onion, Seaweed Salad, Mango, Regular Crab OR Spicy Crab 

NASA Protein:Slammin' Salmon Tuna Luau
NASA Sauce:Spicy Aioli Fin Sauce Eel Sauce
NASA Toppings:Edamame Red Onion Cucumber Crab Salad Mango Seaweed Salad
Choose Your Base:White Rice Brown Rice Spring Mix Half & Half - White Rice + Spring Mix Half & Half - Brown Rice + Spring Mix
Extra Scoops & Upcharges:Salmon +2Slammin' Salmon +2Tuna +2Tuna Luau +2Tofu +2Shrimp +2Kimchi Shrimp +2Spicy Tuna +2Extra Teriyaki Chicken +2Extra Crab +0.50Extra Spicy Crab +0.50Seaweed +0.50Masago +0.50Avocado +1Furikake +0.50Extra Mango +0.50